Role Description
As a Data Scientist you will work with customers, client solution managers and senior sales staff to design and execute data analytics projects with simMachines’ proprietary technology. You will have contact with clients and you will develop, document and implement new machine learning algorithms and apply them to real world problems.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Supporting sales development with demonstrations and technical presentations that improve clients’ understanding and appreciation of our unique technology.
  • Delivering data analytics projects on a deadline.
  • Determining objectives and effort estimates for data analytics projects.
  • Executing the technical project plan, typically involving data preparation and cleansing, feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning experiments, and validation of models.
  • Preparing and assisting in communicating results to the client.
  • Working with other data scientists participating in the project.
  • Communicating with client solution managers about project status.
  • Participate in technical client support including problem identification and investigation.


  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to be flexible and adjust to a start-up environment and changing responsibilities.
  • Master’s degree or Ph. D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or Analytics.
  • Experience with Python, Java, or R.
  • Experience with Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, Sklearn
  • Experience with Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Experience with ETL or database software.
  • Experience in Big Data, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Beam, Flink or graphical visualization a plus.

About simMachines
simMachines provides similarity-oriented machine learning solutions for Advanced Analytics. Our most important feature is that we focus on telling you the WHY of a prediction; this allows our clients to make informed actions based on our predictions and our algorithms to comply with the most stringent Artificial Intelligence auditing rules.

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